Laughlin Jet Ski Rentals – Tips for Tourists

Renting a Jet Ski in Laughlin NV or Bullhead City AZ – One of the most popular activities in Laughlin Nevada is going jet skiing. Most of the hotel/casinos provide River Walk Kiosks where hotel-approved, third-party jet ski owners provide jet ski rentals to hotel guests and tourists. While it might seem very simple and straight forward to rent a jet ski, there can be some bad experiences for some.

Tips for Renting a Jet Ski

  1. If you decide to rent Jet Skis along the River Walk, where, admittedly, the skis are more expensive than if you were to go across the river to Bullhead City, Share jet skis whenever possible among those in your group. Consider taking turns driving and riding the jet ski to save money and amortize the expense over more people.
  2. Take a cell phone video of your watercraft while still at the vendors shop, yard or dock. The more reputable operators will do this for every rental, but there’s nothing from stopping you from doing the same thing, then there will be no question whether you damaged it or it was already damaged! In fact, there are many negative reviews on YELP where the operator took a video, and then claimed the customer “scuffed” or dented the craft’s exterior, but when reviewing the “marginal-quality” rental operator’s video, no reasonable person could make out any detail, thus the video proved of NO VALUE to the customer.

    NOT HAVING conclusive documentation can cost you from $300 to $1,500 in charges. Some rental operators might have a $600 cash deposit of yours, and when you complain about the $800 of claimed damages, will conveniently “settle” for the $600 they already have tucked away in their cash register. Better to record a VIDEO and take pictures of any obvious damage yourself. In particular, take video and/or pictures of all EXISTING marring, scrapes, gouges, dents, and any other damage. Finally, does the rental operator have time to show you the condition of the impeller? Many, many damage confrontations happen when the rental operator wants to charge $200 for a damaged impeller; yet rarely is the impeller part of the initial damage review.

  3. Look over the contract. Is there a severe penalty for returning the ski late. For example, is there a $2 per minute charge that “kicks in” at 5:00 PM? If so, you need to take all necessary precautions to not let the time “get away from you.”
  4. Don’t sign a “blank credit card slip,” even if told “this is how all the local watercraft rental shops do it.”
  5. If you are new to Jet Skis, or new to Jet Skis during a 120 degree summer day, rather than rent a ski for the whole day, consider a shorter 3 or 4 hour rental would be best for your first time. The summer sun and extreme heat can really wear you out.

    Don’t go all macho on DAY ONE. Although it might be fun to spin circles as fast as you can or to race full-throttle over choppy water on a windy day, it’s probably not the smartest decision if you are new to these powerful Personal Water Craft. Take it easy on the throttle at first —especially if you have one or more riders on the seat behind you.

  6. There are a concentration of Jet Ski rental operations all “clumped together” on the Bullhead City side of the river. Yes, they have the best prices, but make sure you are comparing “like skis” with those skis offered by the River Walk Jet Ski Rental shops. Do your research. There are a couple “out of the way rental operations” (i.e. turn LEFT on the Arizona side of the bridge instead of right) that tend to cater to regular, repeat Laughlin visitors and some claim they have better-maintained skis and offer better overall service.
  7. Check that you are being charged the right sales tax amount for Laughlin or Bullhead City. Some have complained that some operators “sneak in few extra percentage points.” In 2014, Laughlin NV Sales Tax is 8.10% and Bullhead City AZ Sales Tax is 7.85%.
  8. The least expensive rental shop may not be your best choice. That’s just a “given” in all sectors of commerce.
  9. Ask about buying gas on the river or lake. Do they mind? Where? What are your options. If you have a “Tow-N-Go” on a trailer you can gas up at a gas station on the return trip. It will likely cost you less than the operator’s per gallon charges AND it will eliminate another “bone of contention” that is common in the rental industry: the operator charging you an $80 gas charge and your incredulity at the charge or the quantity of fuel consumed.
  10. Don’t run out of gas! Who’s gonna save you. If you’ve been running hard for 3 straight hours, maybe it’s time to make a gas run… A call to the rental shop may end up with you being rescued way down river, but that retrieval fee might be north of a hundred bucks.

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