About Laughlin Nevada: “Fun On The Colorado River”

Laughlin NV on the MapIf you’ve never been to Laughlin, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. 

so… Why Laughlin?

Laughlin is like the fond memory of long-ago Las Vegas — a relaxed, casual, desert resort destination — instead of a glitzy, cheesy, overly-commercialized mega-resort destination like Las Vegas. Las Vegas has it’s place, but one doesn’t find peace and relaxation in Las Vegas as you will in Laughlin, NV.

Laughlin is a small resort town on the banks of the Colorado River, located at the southern tip of Nevada, 90 miles south of Las Vegas. You really need to see a map to realize that Laughlin is like the end of a dog’s tail —way down at the bottom of an iceberg-shaped (some rough and tumble River Rats say “beer-opener-shaped”) state. Laughlin is also unique because it is the meeting point of three states:  California, Arizona and Nevada.

“Laughlin is laid-back, yet has big casino hotels and tons of fine dining and entertainment — without traffic jams, scammers, hucksters, crime and the accompanying rapid-depletion of your wallet or purse!”

Many Laughlin visitors, when questioned: “Why Laughlin?,” will share stories about how Las Vegas has grown into a glitzy, plastic, no-service –or impersonal service– International city to too busy people all looking to see who’s looking at them. Laughlin, on the other hand, is still what Nevada is famous for: the old, relaxed, restful Southwest desert with a the lazy, meandering Colorado River to float on, fish in, or lull you to sleep at night with the windows open.

Image of Laughlin Nevada from above

Today In America (Terry Bradshaw) shares “Why Laughlin, Nevada ?”

More Facts About Laughlin Nevada

There are ten casino-hotels now with 10,000+ rooms and suites all along the Nevada side of the fish and beaver-filled Colorado River. If you start at the founder’s property (Don Laughlin’s Riverside Resort and Casino) you can walk, drive, or take the convenient and relaxing water taxis to the far southern end of “Casino Row” that ends at Harrah’s Laughlin. There are 9 of 10 hotel casinos along the river — 8 are on the river sive of Casino Blvd, while the Tropicana Express in on just across the the boulevard. The 10th (technically Laughlin hotel casino) is 16 miles south (Avi Resort and Casino) on the Fort Mohave Tribal Reservation – but shares the Laughlin Postal Zip code.

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Image of Laughlin Water Taxi on the Colorado RiverImage of Laughlin Water Taxi Prices SignImage of Laughlin Water Taxi from hotel room window

Laughlin should have been named Fun City — no-one comes here on business unless they are in the fun business. We come for the food, the drink, the easy-going atmosphere, the fishing, and the golf in the unique Colorado River setting.

Laughlin was founded in in 1966 when Don Laughlin opened the first casino, the Riverside. Since then, Laughlin has undergone phenomenal growth. In the late 1970s, a new surge in casino construction began dramatically increasing the population and transforming Laughlin into a popular bustling resort town. Now there are 10 Hotel-Casinos!

The 10 Laughlin Hotel-Casinos from starting at Riverside traveling south to Avi

  1. Don Laughlin’s Riverside Resort and Casino
  2. Aquarius Casino Resort
  3. Edgewater Casino Resort
  4. Colorado Belle Casino Resort
  5. Tropicana Express Hotel and Casino
  1. Pioneer Hotel Gambling Hall
  2. Golden Nugget Laughlin
  3. River Palms Resort Casino
  4. Harrah’s Laughlin Hotel Casino
  5. Avi Resort and Casino

Confusing Times — TWO Time Zones on SPLIT by ONE River

Just across the river from Laughlin is Bullhead City, Arizona, and it is estimated that approximately 30,000 to 40,000 visitors and residents cross Don Laughlin’s 3.5 million dollar bridge between these two cities every day.

Image of clock tower with two different times Image of cell phones confused by two time zones

When it’s Daylight Savings time in Nevada and California all is well as Bullhead City and Laughlin are enjoying the same time. However, from November 3rd through March 8th, Bullhead city residents will get out of bed an hour earlier than Laughlin residents. How does this confound Visitors? If you and your companions agree to meet for the Buffet at 6:00 PM sharp, don’t be surprised if some of your crew are an hour early or late! Cell phones just can’t figure out where they are! One minute it is 3 PM and the next time you look at your phone it is 4 PM. If you stare at the phone and move up and down an elevator in a tower hotel your phone will flash the time difference as it switches cell towers.

Interesting Facts

  • Elevation: 558 ft
  • Population: 7,323
  • Annual Visitors: 4,500,000

Weather & Climate

Laughlin is HOT! – Laughlin is a hot, dry region, where the Mojave Desert meets the Colorado River and is known as the tri-state area.

Chart of Laughlin Temperatures


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