Please check out your business listing. – If you would like to add something to it: Pictures, Description, Business Hours, Special Offers, Website, Facebook or other link, please scroll to the bottom of this page and email those details to us. We will consider all submissions for updating your businesses’ profile.

Staff Reviewer - MeganWelcome! – My father and I are personally telephoning and inviting a few Bullhead City business owners to talk with us and to visit this un-listed page because you seem to have made a positive impact amongst locals as a business proprietor. We are being very careful and very selective about this.

We do not want to endanger our brand and reputation on just “any” Bullhead City businesses, thus the research we do when we are initially posting business profiles to this site results in a very short list. We will be calling only a few. Honestly. You can count on one hand, as we are actually “pestering” those on our favorites list, until we connect – minimally. In 2014 we have expanded from “just” Laughlin businesses to include Bullhead City businesses to benefit and educate our Laughlin Visitors about the ‘city across the Colorado River.’ We have been adding new BHC businesses to this site slowly —but methodically. It is laborious and tedious. We have become aware of some nasty and snarky reviews on Yelp, Trip Adviser, Google, Ripoff Reports, etc. on some BHC operations and are, for the most part, steering clear of those businesses for the benefit of our visitors. We know that not all YELP reviews are legitimate (stuff happens) but “where there is overwhelming smoke…”

Our April 2014 search – We are looking for no more than 4 respected Bullhead City Businesses to partner with us for the benefit of (1) the business, (2) Bullhead City, and (3) the Visitors to Laughlin Nevada that CRAVE things to do and places to go on the Arizona side of the river.

Ah Ha! – “Partner with you!?” —you think to yourself: “I knew it, they’re trying to sell me something.”

No, not really. – is a “labor of love,” it is not a website that is monetized to enrich its publisher. If anything, publishing and financing the staff is like owning a yacht, or in my case, an airplane: “A hole in the water/sky in which to throw money!” Ha Ha. That said, we love Laughlin and Bullhead City and want to shine a positive light on the area for the benefit of its visitors and the businesses that make the place memorable.

The Bullhead City Business Owner’s Dilemma – The 9 major Hotel/Casino’s on “Casino Row” and the Avi Resort Property 16 miles south on Indian land (but with a Laughlin Zip Code) offer about 10,500 hotel rooms amongst the group, meaning that the majority of visitors end up on the Nevada side of the River. What does this mean to Bullhead City Businesses? They must work harder to INFORM the temporary Laughlin Visitors that they exist, the trip is fast and “worth it,” and that they have OPTIONS to the limited and mostly “corporate choices” of Laughlin! Bullhead City business owners need to tell Laughlin visitors that they are but a few minutes over the bridge on the other side of the river – even when the outside temperatures are 113 degrees, and walking out of the air conditioned hotel/casino venues takes some mental determination. We can help persuade them.

The Bullhead City Business Owner’s Opportunity to benefit – Depending upon the economic condition of the country, Laughlin NV brings in 2,500,000 to 4,500,000 visitors each year. Since the downturn and continued sluggishness that has befallen the country since 2008, the current visitor statistics are closer to 2.5 million. With the help of Bruce Clark (Channel 2’s morning show) the BHC Mayor and Police Chief and others, annual events such as the BHC River Regatta and other Laughlin/Bullhead City events such as the Laughlin River Run are ensuring that visitors will still consider the Tri-State area a viable destination –no matter how many Indian Casinos are constructed in the surrounding states.

Even the Gray-Haired Crowd is now Digitally Connected – We have found that a significant percentage of these Laughlin visitors (now about 2,500,000 each year) arrive with an iPhone or Android-based smartphone, an iPad or other tablet, and some with laptops. These visitors will use them during their “down time” in their hotel rooms or while perched on a casino chair at a slot/poker machine and getting hungry compounded with feeling anxious to flee the smoky casino for some non-corporate, non-casino RESTAURANT option. Others are looking for watercraft rentals online Thursday or Friday evenings for their Saturday adventure. A growing portion of Laughlin visitors who rent these 10,500 hotel rooms are actively searching for:

Things to Do & Places to Go

  • Watercraft Rentals
  • Raft trips and raft rentals
  • Ideas for Day Trips (Oatman, BullHead City, Hikes, Skybridge, Davis & Hoover Dam)
  • Shows, Concerts, Movies, Events (Rockets over the River, River Regatta, River Run, Etc.)

Places to Eat

  • ANY PLACE but the smoky casinos
  • Places in Bullhead City (that they don’t already know because the see them form hotel: i.e. IHOP, Chili’s)
  • Stand-alone restaurants (Breakfast, lunch, Sunday Brunch, or Dinner)
  • Alternate Watercraft Rental Prices (Other than those available along the River Walk)

Some will try Yelp. But most will Google:

  • “Things to Do In Laughlin”
  • “Places to Go in Laughlin”
  • “Laughlin Restaurants”
  • “Bullhead City Restaurants”
  • “Laughlin Jet Ski Rentals”

UPSHOT – We’ve decided to pay Google to be a PAID advertiser so that we can take advantage of the 4,000 additional website visits PER DAY possible by being in the ADS portion of the Google Search Results. We offer a DIFFERENT OPTION than the “FOR PROFIT” Hotel Booking Services websites. We are an independent REVIEW website. We’ve tried Google Ads for a test period. It works. But as much as we love you guys in BHC, we are not going to donate ALL the funds to grow the independent businesses in Bullhead City as a philanthropic gesture. We’d love to, but we cannot carry the whole load. That said, this website is the PERFECT Web Venue to bring to the Laughlin Visitors some Bullhead City ALTERNATIVES to the Laughlin Hotel/Casino’s restaurants and affiliated watercraft rental operations.

COST? – One (1) Needles Lawyer, and three (3) Bullhead City Businesses @ $10 each makes the opportunity “pencil” given our reluctance to fund the entire ad program. The collected funds coupled with our funds will pay for Google Ads 24/7/365 to bring in MORE Laughlin Visitors to grow website traffic. Your business being “featured” on a Laughlin Review website is far more potent and powerful than advertising your own business because you are featured above the other similar businesses on the visitor information site.

ROI? – For the restaurant owner who “partners with us,” one large party from Laughlin on a weekend would offset the entire month’s cost. For the owner of a Watercraft Rental Shop who “partners with us,” one $300 fiberglass dent repair charge will offset the cost and all the other new Laughlin Visitor customers the site encourages in your direction will be icing on the cake. For California Traffic Ticket Lawyer, J. Brian Campbell, we’ve know him for years and since 1,000,000 of the current 2.5 million visitors come from California on Highway 15 and 40, just one “can’t wait to get to the river, lead-footed driver” per month has already offset his participation. The Google Ads (paused after our test trial) cost us $40-$100 a day at the current 2.5 million visitors/year in these depressed economic times. The good news is that when we have 4 businesses partner with us at $10/day each, we can and will budget enough extra funding to make up the added Google costs to keep the site on Google Ads all year round providing the website and its featured businesses 4,000 more daily visitors. BTW, for full transparency, that 4,000/day is the daily average (as there are actually significantly more visitors on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays than Sunday through Thursday, but they average 4K per day).

Contract? – Not much of one… 30-Days Notice. BOTH WAYS (If we start seeing awful Yelp reviews etc, we might want to sever the relationship). Same for both parties: Month-to-Month. 30-Day’s notice. That said, if you should voluntarily leave, we are going to have standby’s ready for restaurants and water craft rentals. Once we replace you with a standby, we cannot bring you back in until the new “Featured Business” chooses to leave (or their Yelp/other reviews, or comments to us turn nasty for justifiable reasons, causing us to sever the deal with them).

Opportunity for your business – This website is not for sale or rent. We are not going to put a “Featured Banner” for a Bullhead City Business on the HOME PAGE of just because someone can come up with ten bucks a day. Featured Businesses and Events on the HOME PAGE will benefit greatly from being highlighted there above the crowd, and will have been invited to be there by the website publisher because (1) they are already well-established, (2) they are well-liked by their customers, and only then can partner with us (the publisher) and participate in promoting their business by helping subsidize the Google Ad campaign with a few other like-minded business owners. is NOT a “for-profit” venture! This is an information and review site for the benefit of Laughlin visitors and the businesses that make their stay enjoyable and memorable and will grow the annual visitors back to the 4,500,000 Lauglin and Bullhead City one entertained. is not an advertising portal to anyone with two nickles to rub together. This offer is being made to a few business owners based on our perception of them as honest people already supported by locals and visitors over the years.

We are on a quest to list most every Bank, Jet Ski Rental and Restaurant in Bullhead City. Some of these businesses are less than “stellar” according to their customer’s reviews. To be totally forthcoming, we put a YELP FEED for every business on their page so that Laughlin Visitors can do their “due diligence” and be warned by prior customers experiences of shady dealings, boring food, or outright fraudulent business owners. At our discretion we will remove the most egregious, fully cognizant that many review site’s bad reviews are orchestrated by competing businesses in what is termed “guerrilla marketing.”

Google Screenshot: Restaurants


Google Screenshot: Jet Ski Rental

Jet Ski Rentals in Laughlin nv

Restaurant Call-To-Action
J. Brian Campbell - Traffic Ticket Defense Attorney

E Center
Bullhead City River Regatta

Deadline? – We wanted to start the AD program on Tax Day, April 15th 2014, but may wait until May 1st until our Laughlin/Vegas Restaurant reviewer returns from his and his wife’s cruise.

Thank you for taking valuable time form your day to drop in on our invitation to participate.

—Megan and Keith


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  • Megan Bennett – (p) 702-509-9866