By: Keith Bennett
Review Date: 06-22-14

Black Bear Diner Restaurant Review By: Keith Bennett

STAFF REVIEW: Today, Sunday morning, we left the Laughlin Strip, filled up on gasoline at Sam’s Club in Bullhead City, AZ where ALL savvy Californians take on a load of WAY CHEAPER gas than what they will see when they re-enter California! After gassing up it was about 11:00 am and we pulled into The Black Bear Diner for a late breakfast. Since breakfast is a staple at The Black Bear Diner, it doesn’t matter what time of day it is: my kind of restaurant! The place was very busy and we had a 25 minute wait.

It wasn’t yet stifling hot, only about 102 degrees, so we decided to park ourselves outside on the bench that is book-ended by bear carvings to wait.

Bench on porch of The Black Bear Diner

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An older couple pulled up about 15 minutes into our wait, he a vet (stickers on his car and his veteran baseball cap) in his late 70’s and she about the same age and bent over a bit. There was no place for them to sit, so we offered them our space on the bench, and she thanked us and commented that she really can’t stand for long periods. We headed into the foyer to wait out the last 10 minutes. There was standing room only and we stood next to a shelving display of Black Bear Diner trinkets that many kids might like if stopping in while on a vacation. I couldn’t get a good picture of that area, but I noticed the product pictures on their website to share.

Stuff Black Bear Diner sells in their restaurants

View from the Foyer of The Black Bear Diner

Eventually we were seated in a comfy booth at a window looking into the rear parking lot. The interiors of most Black Bear Diners are pretty well “themed” and this one was no different. Even the pattern of the booth seats was hunter green and images of forests. Bears are everywhere. Even on their private-branded Heinz Ketchup.

Table accessories at The Black Bear Diner

Our server, Michelle, was very attentive and helpful. She informed us that they had a special Verde Asada Omelet which I decided to try.

special Verde Asada omelet

My wife settled on their Southern Scramble that features a large homemade biscuit that is cut in half and decked out with a sausage patty on each half followed by your choice of eggs (scrambled) and country gravy. She ordered the strip-cut hash browns and I purposefully ordered the country red potatoes with peppers and onions so that when our breakfasts arrive, we could split and swap 1/2 of the potatoes so we could both get the whole variation of Black Bear’s breakfast potato offerings.

Black Bear Diner Southern Scramble

Before we even studied the menus (which are cute newspaper-like menus you can take home) Michelle asked about drinks which is common. Without seeing it on the menu, my wife ordered an orange juice and I settled for water. It turned out that the average-sized OJ was a pricey $3.99. WOW. While waiting for our meals we had lusted over their real ice cream shake/malt with the stainless steel mixing cup delivered alongside with the leftovers for a full dollar less at $2.99. We wished Michelle had warned us that the OJ was pricey and we could have split a malt for a great Sunday afternoon treat…

Overall Evaluation of the Black Bear Diner

Both of our breakfast choices were excellent. The hash browns were awesome and the “wide strip cut” was visible compared to most thinner hash browns found anywhere else. The country red potatoes were tender, perfectly cooked and a great choice as well. Now that I’ve sampled both, I would probably choose the hash browns to accompany breakfast. We do recommend trying them both and then doing the “split” for an even better experience. It’s ALL good!

We will return here as we have already deemed this restaurant a favorite for American “comfort food.” We highly recommend this as an option for Laughlin visitors who want a break from the routine casino options.

Black Bear Diner – Location, Phone, Website and Menu

Black Bear Diner
1751 Highway 95
Bullhead City, AZ 86442
Phone: (928) 763-2477
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Dessert Menus

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