By: Keith Bennett
Review Date: 06-19-14

Capriotti's Sandwich Shop Restaurant Review By: Keith Bennett

STAFF REVIEW: Capriottis Sandwich Shop inside of The Edgewater Hotel & Casino is worth a visit if you are hungry for a SUB sandwich prepared hot or cold. The Edgewater and Colorado Belle properties did some housecleaning last year in 2013. The Edgewater had 3 fast food restaurants on the casino floor: McDonald’s, Sbarro, and Nathan’s Famous. The McDonald’s was always busy. Sbarro was, in my opinion, an exercise in desperation, while Nathan’s (hit or miss) would usually satisfy your hunger without amazing or disappointing you.. All 3 restaurants were closed and the replacement (so far…**) was the Capriottis Sandwich Shop.

Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop in The Edgewater Casino Laughlin NV

On our last visit in March, we attempted to try Capriotti’s about 10 pm on the same exact day –a Thursday evening– but they were closing. The hotel casino’s only other late night option was Coco’s Restaurant and Bakery which is The Edgewater’s 24/7 offering which is downstairs. For us that was simply not a fast food option. Sigh…

Three months later in June on another Thursday evening we tried again. Three of the four SUB sandwiches I wanted to try all had Russian dressing and I was leery. The Italian consisted of genoa salami, capricola and prosciuttini without Russian dressing so that was our choice. Since there were two of us, we had a choice of a 9 inch, a 12 inch or a 20 inch SUB. We calculated that the 20-inch SUB offered the best “bang for the buck” and decided to order that and then split it. As it turned out, that 20-inch sandwich can satisfy the hunger of 4 people for a quick snack, or feed 2 people without being feeling like you didn’t have enough to eat.

When we ordered “The Italian” 20-inch SUB, their computerized menu allowed our gracious and helpful order taker, Joey, to specify not only that the sandwich be cut in half, but also “quarters” which is what we wanted. We wanted to end up with two regular sized “Subway” type SUBS – each in its own packaging and then cut in half again. Why? We wanted to eat there at the tables provided on the casino floor, and then each take half of our 10-inch sandwich up to our room for a midnight snack. This must not be an unusual request as not only did they wrap the sandwiches independently (and cut in half in their own wrappers) but they included a Capriotti’s branded bag without us asking. That came in handy later for easily taking the “leftovers” to our room. Perfect! We ordered one drink to share and it was $18. We heard that if you walk your drink back to the counter, you can request a refill, so if eating there, might as well order the smallest drink. We sat down and each had a quarter sandwich and, as planned, I packed the remaining quarters up to our room for a midnight snack.

Capriotti's Italian SUB cut in Quarters

Still curious as to why Capriotti’s defaults to “Russian dressing” on most of their cold sandwiches, I asked for and received a free sample of the Russian dressing. It turned out to be both spicy and flavorful, so now I am open to ordering any of the sandwiches I passed over THIS visit — on my NEXT visit. I also requested a sample of the Cole slaw that they offer on other sandwiches as an integral ingredient. They took our name to call –rather than have you just stand there as you might at a Subway. In about 2 minutes they called our name. We watched from our table during the wait. They really work hard at building a great sandwich. They offer hot and cold sandwiches and offer to “toast” or heat a normally cold sandwich.

Overall Evaluation of Capriottis Sandwich Shop

While we don’t’ understand why The Edgewater dumped the McDonald’s (that the young kids really seemed to appreciate) this new fast food restaurant, Capriottis Sandwich Shop, is a refreshing new addition to The Edgewater Casino Resort. Unlike some sandwich shops in other casinos, the staff is attentive, friendly, and helpful. [ Listen up McDonald’s Aquarius! ] The ingredients were fresh. Care was taken in making our sandwich and packaging it as well. Good Food. Good Service. In Laughlin, sometimes that is all it takes to earn high praise! We highly recommend Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop to Hotel guests at The Edgewater or sister property, The Colorado Belle. For that matter, if you are staying at the Aquarius we’d suggest you skip the drab and pedestrian Subway express there and take a short River Walk stroll to the Edgewater. From the River Walk, climb the stairs to the casino level or pass by the stairs to the double glass doors and take the escalator that has a bonus of a cooling wind-tunnel effect to cool you down if it was 113 degrees outside! Hit the casino floor and make your way “left” toward the direction of the Colorado Belle and you will find Capriotti’s on the casino floor of The Edgewater.

Capriottos Sandwich Shop – Location, Phone, Website and Menu

Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop
Edgewater Casino
2020 S Casino Dr
Laughlin, NV 89029
Phone: (702) 299-1398

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** As of July 2, 2014, a 2nd replacement restaurant has come online to bolster Capriotti’s: Wild Style Burgers & Pizza