By: Keith Bennett
Review Date: 08-03-14

El Charro Mexican Restaurant - Restaurant Review By: Keith Bennett

STAFF REVIEW: Today, Sunday morning, we left the Laughlin Strip to head over to California. As always, I filled up on gasoline at Sam’s Club in Bullhead City, AZ where ALL savvy Californians take on a load of WAY CHEAPER gas than what they will see when they re-enter California! Sam’s gas $3.34 – First California station by Interstate 40: $4.17 – (a 22% savings)! After gassing up it was about 11:00 am and we pulled into El Charro Mexican Restaurant for a late breakfast / early lunch. The parking lot was full, but there were tables available inside.

Sunday about 11:00 AM and El Charro is filling up with locals

El Charro opens at 9:00 AM on Sundays. When we arrived 2 hours into their day at 11:00 AM, the parking lot was already full of cars — mostly locals with Arizona and Nevada license plates. This, to Laughlin Visitors, is always GOOD sign of a popular local hangout.

NOTE: The two restaurants across the Colorado River that are always busy with locals and “visitors in the know” on weekends are El Charro and The Black Bear Diner. If you are looking for traditional American cooking (Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner), try the Black Bear Diner. On the other hand, if you want some terrific Mexican Cooking, with beer and wine Margaritas — keep driving south past the the Black Bear Diner exactly 1.1 miles down Highway 95 around the bend to the left until you see Zircon Ave and there is El Charro Mexican Restaurant at the corner of Highway 95 and Zircon. (scroll down for map)

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View of the exterior of El Charro Mexican Restaurant in Bullhead City AZ

Notice the Window Sign: Home Made Tortillas and Salsa?

There is a lady making fresh tortillas at a special tortilla station inside behind the cash register for both diners and for those who want to take out! Yummy…

Exterior View of El Charro Mexican Restaurant in Bullhead City AZ

El Charro expanded last year into two store fronts to accommodate demand

The owner, Angelica Beltran, is no stranger to Laughlin as she started as a cocktail server in one of the major Laughlin Casino Resorts, Aquarius Resort and Casino, for more than a decade. There she learned how Laughlin visitors and locals wanted to be treated and their desire for “choices” that would take them out of the Casinos for a change of pace. Many of the resort staff she left behind happily share with Casino guests that they should visit El Charro should they cross the river into Arizona to check out the Arizona side of the river.

Interior picture of El Charro Mexican Restaurant in Bullhead City AZ

A 2nd Interior picture of El Charro Mexican Restaurant in Bullhead City AZ

Nachos Charros – $9.25

The Nachos Charros were terrific. We often sample the Nachos as Mexican Restaurants and these were awesome. The meat was expertly trimmed and grilled (no need to examine each piece – you know what I mean). Daniel, the owner’s very polite and attentive son, served us the nachos with two plates and the stainless spatula was just perfect. The home made salsas delivered when we sat down with a basket of “chips” was amazing too. I particularly like the hotter more complex recipe. I should have purchased some to go. Sigh…

Menu Description of Nachos Charros – Tortilla chips with beans and carne asada, melted Monterey Jack cheese, tomatoes, red onions, sour cream, guacamole, Jalapeños & strips of Grilled Anaheim Peppers.

Picture of appetizer 'Nachos El Charro'

Huevos Ala Mexicana (w/Tortillas) – $7.95

We wanted an egg dish as it was still Sunday morning. This dish was well prepared and well presented, but it just wasn’t our ‘cup of tea’. Too many veggies and too bland for for both of us. My bad for not studying the menu better. To remedy this, I took the fresh, home made flour tortillas and wrapped the eggs and veggies with some leftover Nachos El Charro into a satisfying compromise.

Menu Description of Huevos Ala Mexicana – Eggs with Bell Peppers, onions, tomato, and choice of home made flour or corn tortillas.

Picture of breakfast entree 'Huevos El Mexicana'

Burrito California (Options: Red Sauce & Wet) – $9.95

For our lunch item, we decided on the Burrito California and it was delicious. We asked Daniel if he could cut the entree in half and deliver it to us on two plates and he did without squabble nor hesitation. Kuddos! Great service from family run restaurants like this are the BOMB as my daughter says… Speaking of said daughter; we didn’t finish all the meal and crated home some Nachos El Charro and the Burrito California. Megan reminded me that the avocados (Guacamole) in the burrito was fresh and really tasty and that the inclusion of “fries” in the burrito was interesting. Not really bizarre in that many burritos have potatoes in them, and this is just an easy way for the chef at El Charro to access already-cooked potatoes for inclusion in their wrapped entrees.

Menu Description of Burrito California – Carne Asada, Fries, Cheese, Pico De Gallo, Guacamole.

Picture on an entree 'Machaca Burrito' cut in half served on 2 plates

Overall Evaluation of El Charro Mexican Restaurant

Upon entering the restaurant, we were greeted and immediately seated. Place settings were wrapped in napkins and the utensils clean – not even water marks as we so often find at the restaurants on the Laughlin Strip. Waters were brought with straws along with fresh tortilla chips and 2 varieties of salsa: one mild and one a little warmer. Our server, Daniel, while on the young side (and the owner’s son and eventual restaurant tycoon), was extremely attentive and friendly. Daniel’s mom, Angelica visited our table as our meal concluded. She is very sweet and obviously works her tail off making sure that her admiring patrons are well cared for. We will return here as this is one of our all-time favorite restaurants of ALL the restaurants on either side of the Colorado River. I’ve spoken to many business owners who agree with me that this is THE PLACE when you’ve a hankering for Mexican Food. My wife and I highly recommend this as an option for Laughlin visitors who want a break from the routine casino options.

El Charro Mexican Restaurant – Location, Phone, Website and Menu

El Charro Mexican Restaurant
2101 Arizona 95
Bullhead City, AZ 86442
Phone: (928) 763-9331

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