By: Keith Bennett
Review Date: 03-28-14
Pints Brewery and Sports Bar Restaurant Review By: Keith Bennett

STAFF REVIEW: We’ve enjoyed Pints Brewery and Sports Bar on previous visits and now, with virtually ALL of the Colorado Belle’s “C-Deck” restaurants shuttered and closed over the past year, the dining choices are limited.

It was setting up to be a busy weekend for March, as this weekend is sandwiched between Spring Break weeks for most every school and university in the country. That said, the line of maybe 20 people was moving quickly, and even with a party of 7 we were seated in no time at all.

The Edgewater & Colorado Belle were having some IT Problems

The Loading Dock Bar and Grille We were in Laughlin March 27th – 29th 2014 and originally set out to try the Colorado Belle’s The Loading Dock Bar and Grille Friday evening. Unfortunately, when we showed up to try their buffet, we were informed that no credit cards, Edgewater/Colorado Belle players cards, nor special management offers could be used as their Internet/computer-system was down.

There were 7 of us and the bill could build up to where that might prove to be inconvenient or down right embarrassing! Moreover, two of our party are hotel/casino high-roller favorites and their “player’s card” can often offset a hundred bucks or more of a restaurant tab and they also often have time-sensitive discounts — ALL of which could not be used. So we decided to try an all time favorite: Pints Brewery and Sports Bar.

Thinking the IT issues were only affecting the Loading Dock (a new restaurant that might explain the issue) we walked through the Colorado Belle’s very busy casino (B Deck) headed towards Pints Brewery on the far end of the casino floor. As we walked through it was evident that the gamblers at the electronic games all had their electronic Player’s Cards inserted, supporting our thinking that the “IT issue” affected only the very new restaurant.

Colorado Belle’s very busy casino

We were wrong. We were in line at Pints Brewery a few moments awaiting to be greeted and seated when the hostess walked up and down the short line of patrons see when the hostess telling all who could hear her that they could only accept cash: no players cards, no management special offers nor comps… By now we were getting frustrated that a big operation like the Edgewater/Colorado Belle seems to be hamstrung with property-wide IT issues on a busy weekend with 1,000’s of guests. We were told that many 100’s of people were lined out the doors that day at the The Edgewater’s registration desk for hours and concluded that the oddity of that word-picture must be related to the Internet issue affecting the restaurants. We took a mental inventory, and with $200+ on hand we decided to eat here.

Seating Options

If it’s Sunny You Can Request a Window Table Looking out on the Colorado River

Complex ramp affair to get to Window TablesIf you are here during the day, you really should ask to be seated along the river. The views are terrific. When dark it is probably better to sit elsewhere as the window seats are on a raised platform that makes you and the waitstaff have navigate a complex ramp affair (ADA requirements I suspect) to get to and from the window seats and you are far removed from the overall ambiance of the restaurant when the view is of no value. The sun was all but set, so window seats on the Colorado River wouldn’t have made a difference. After dark it is impossible to see the outside and the interior lighting, while subdued, leaves you staring at your own reflection in the windows.


Jules Vern Submarine Portal at Disneyland in 1955We were seated at this Jules Vern looking window

A 24 Hour Restaurant in the Colorado Belle – Laughlin NV

Pints Brewery is a wonderfully themed restaurant that is built to look as if you are in the bowels of the Colorado Belle River Boat’s huge engine room. The huge vats of beer look like boilers and the real piping blends together with the faux piping. If you click on the image (below left) you can see the brewery behind the bar. We were sat at a series of adjoining tall bar tables with stools directly in front of a large Jules Vern Submarine-style glass window that looks out onto the casino floor (above right).

Micro Brew Sampler is a MUST TRY !

If you are a beer aficionado I’d suggest that you must try the famous Micro Brew Sampler. We had two in our party of seven who chose the popular, and reasonably-priced 6 micro-brew sampler for a modest $7.75 for the whole 7 glass spread (below right).

Interior of RestaurantPints Brewery & Sports Bar Microbrew Sampler

Pints Brewery Menu: Pizza’s Are Terrific and Cooked in Wood-Fired, Brick Ovens

I ordered a White Pizza for $10.99, my table mate ordered the BBQ Chicken Pizza for $10.99 – both were excellent! I was able to grab a picture of my VEGGIE pizza (below left) and found a picture from a former visit of a custom order (below right) that was ordered as follows: “I’d like a Pint’s Pizza ($8.99 which is the BASE: crust, sauce & mozzarella) with the additional toppings of: Pepperoni (+$0.99), Grilled Chicken (+$0.99), Artichoke Hearts (+$0.79), and Jalapenos (+$0.79) please…” So the customized pie added up to $12.55 — not too expensive for an entree – right?

pints brewery veggie pizzapepperoni artichoke jalapenos sasuage

Price and Convenience

Upshot? – Pints Brewery & Sports Bar is a terrific alternative 24/7 destination of you are staying at any hotel on Casino Row if you want to walk to the Colorado Belle. If you are staying at Harrah’s you want to drive. Trust me newbies who arrive at Harrah’s after dark and never scope-out Casino Row. If you are at the Edgewater, and think that your only option is the Coco’s down in the dungeon — think again. Why do that to yourself? You can go to a Coco’s anywhere. Pints has breakfast. In fact they have special breakfast options available 24/7 for those of us that sometimes have a hankering! Besides breakfast, Pints has lunch and dinner menus. Prices are more than fair and no need to get in your car to venture across the Colorado into Bullhead City – no matter the time of day (or night!). Click on the MENU LINK to browse.

Gamblers & River Rats – You’ve Got to Try:  Pint’s Party Platter !

Finally, let me leave you with a cool suggestion. If you are a party of 2 and want a meal and some beer for $40 order the Pint’s Party Platter! The galvanized tub contains Chicken Wings, Chicken Tenders, Onion Rings, Tater Skins, Calamari Fries, Mozzarella Sticks, and crowned with a Bucket O’Shrimp in the center surrounded by Tortilla chips. It even works for a party of 4 that just wants to nibble and not feel so full they want to find their room and go to sleep. BONUS! – The party platter comes with a pitcher of beer, and if there are 4 of you, you could order a 2nd pitcher (if you aren’t going to be driving and in close proximity to a restroom – it’s a lot of beer!).

pints party platter

Pints Brewery and Sports Bar – Location, Phone, Website and Menu

Colorado Belle Casino Resort
2100 S Casino Dr
Laughlin, NV 89029
Phone: 702-298-4000
Breakfast Menu
Lunch & Dinner Menu
Late Night Menu
Grab n’ Go (To Go) Menu

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