By: Keith Bennett
Review Date: 08-01-14

Wild Style Burgers & Pizza Restaurant Review By: Keith Bennett

STAFF REVIEW: Today, Friday afternoon, one day shy of the 30-day opening-anniversary of Wild Style Burgers & Pizza inside The Edgewater Hotel/Casino in Laughlin NV we decided to see if the Edgewater management hit the home run I predicted back on July 2nd when the new restaurant opened.

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Wild Style Burgers & Pizza Laughlin NV

Visit to The Edgewater Hotel/Casino 07-31-14 through 08-03-14

It was HOT on the drive over from Southern California yesterday —118 degrees— before we descended lower into the valley where the Colorado River meanders south towards Needles. It cooled off to a manageable 117 degrees! What’s that famous comment of Laughlin / Bullhead City Retirees and Palm Springs residents?: “Thankfully, it’s dry heat, so it’s simply lovely…” Yeah, right…

Angled view including Casino Floor

Yesterday, Thursday, July 31st, we had dinner at The Hickory Pit, check out that review HERE. Today, recovering from that scrumptious Fine Dining adventure, we decided it was time —after a solid month of serving customers, to see if Wild Style Burgers & Pizza has lived up to (a) the hype from Corporate, and (b) my prediction that “Corporate” replaced the old and tired McDonald’s with a restaurant worthy of Edgewater’s gamblers and guests.

They do a Damn Fine Job of it!

The staff is gregarious and helpful. Four of us stepped up to order about 11:30 AM. The menu is displayed on two 32-inch flat screens. The first thing I noticed that there were NO breakfast options on the screens above the cash register. I was seriously lusting for a “Breakfast Sandwich.” Rather than question the exclusion of the breakfast menu, I immediately switched gears to Burger Land. I ordered a single burger with Swiss cheese and mushrooms (WS Wild One $3.99 + Swiss $0.75 + Mushrooms $0.50 = $5.24), coupled with Onion Rings ($2.99) and a Wild Shake (chocolate $3.25). My wife ordered a single burger with American cheese (WS Wild One $3.99 + American $0.75 = $ $4.74), Onion Rings ($2.99) and a Wild Shake (Peanut Butter $3.25). Total was $22.46 + $1.82 TAX = $24.28

The Wild Style Condiment Bar – You PIZZA FREAKS can visit here too!

Wild Style Condiment Bar

My Wild Style Burger with Mushrooms & Swiss Cheese and a trip to the Condiment Bar

The hand crafted patties were like those you’d cook on your own Bar-B-Q at home. The chef put the mushrooms on the patty and then the Swiss Cheese so as to lock the mushrooms in place. Frankly there were not enough mushrooms – I would have preferred many more as they are so subtle… The bun was soft, fresh and tasty. The Onion Rings were NOT greasy, the batter was tasty and crunchy. Everyone was impressed with the Onion Rings that can be so guilt-ridden when dripping in grease and soggy.

1 WS Burger + Mushrooms & Swiss Cheese

My Wife’s Wild Style Burger with American Cheese and a trip to the Condiment Bar

1 WS Burger + American Cheese

The Wild Style Shakes was hand made, one at a time using real ice cream and real milk. When we were called to retrieve them the shake-maker offered Real Whip Cream: we both said: “YES!”

Shakes are made one at a time

Improved and Expanded Seating Area

The newly-remodeled dining area has flooring that looks like old wood plank, but is actually ceramic tile. The tables are the same tables that Edgewater management purchased for The Loading Dock Bar and Grille – Aluminum tops that are Laser-cut and can be moved together to seat 2, 4, or 6 next to the large windows that look out upon the Colorado River. The seating area in front of the counter was expanded further into the casino floor area to add more seating that was there for the old and tired McDonald’s that occupied this same space for years…

The newly-remodeled dining area

Windows looking on the Colorado River? BIG Bucks at other Hotel/Casinos – Not here!

A meal with a VIEW!

Great View of the Colorado River

Fresh Food, Limited Menu to keep Quality UP, Fair Prices. What’s not to Love?

Our Restaurant Review Recommendation – The people are friendly, the views are amazing, the prices are fair, the hours reach to 1:00 AM on weekends, what’s not to like. The Edgewater / Colorado Belle Management hit a home run here.

Wild Style Burgers & Pizza – Location, Phone, Website and Menu

Wild Style Burgers & Pizza
Edgewater Casino Resort
2020 S Casino Dr
Laughlin, NV 89029
Phone: (702) 298-2453
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Dessert Menu

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