Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop inside the Edgewater Casino Resort

Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop is located inside of the Edgewater Casino Resort – For a terrific sandwich the likes of Subway or Togo’s –but better– Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop is worth a try. The menu at this Laughlin Nevada restaurant includes a wide variety of selections, with all the luncheon favorites. Don’t forget to check out the great specials.

Restaurant Review: Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop – Laughlin NV (Dinner: 06-19-14)

By: Keith Bennett (staff reviewer)
Cafe Aquarius Restaurant Review By: Keith Bennett

STAFF REVIEW: Three of the four SUB sandwiches I wanted to try all had Russian dressing and I was leery. The Italian consisted of genoa salami, capricola and prosciuttini without Russian dressing so that was our choice. Since there were two of us, we had a choice of a 9 inch, a 12 inch or a 20 inch SUB. We calculated that the 20-inch SUB offered the best “bang for the buck” and decided to order that and then split it. As it turned out, that 20-inch sandwich can satisfy the hunger of 4 people for a quick snack, or feed 2 people without being feeling like you didn’t have enough to eat. READ ON…

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