Coco's Restaurant and Bakery inside the Edgewater Hotel & Casino

Coco’s Restaurant and Bakery located inside the Edgewater Casino Resort – offers a wide variety of entrée salads as well as other contemporary American favorites including steaks, chicken and seafood. We also offer delicious, traditional American breakfasts featuring pancakes, French toast, omelets, etc. As a bakery concept, we specialize in providing the best-tasting, fresh-baked pies around. Our pies are always a fit for any special occasion or just to enjoy at home with your family.

History of Coco’s Restaurant and Bakery

In 1948, The Snack Shop along the Pacific Coast Highway in Corona del Mar, California, was purchased by John and Audrey McIntosh. John and Audrey decided to purchase the restaurant after he had worked there for only two weeks. They grew the snack shop concept to many more units and then in 1960 expanded the business into Reuben’s in Newport Beach. Then in 1965 expanded the Snack Shop concept to Coco’s and the Reuben E. Lee. Ultimately converting all Snack Shops into Coco’s. As the name implies, the restaurant features pies. In 2002, Coco’s, along with its sister chain Carrows, was purchased by Catalina Restaurant Group, headquartered in Carlsbad, California. In 2006, Catalina Restaurant Group was bought by Japanese company Zensho Co., Ltd., which has operated Coco’s Japan for many years.

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