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Wild Style Burgers and Pizza – was opened July 2, 2014 in time for the busy 4th of July “Rockets over the River” holiday weekend. Wild Style is located inside of the Edgewater Casino Resort – in Laughlin NV. This venue is the latest new restaurant addition following Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop and The Loading Dock Bar & Grille at Edgewater’s sister property — The Colorado Belle.

MYSTERY WALL REMOVED – They’ve been hard at work behind the drywall to keep noise and dust from bothering casino patrons since March 2014 remodeling the space that was occupied by the McDonald’s that was here in 2013. We questioned WHY in some past reviews… Question now Answered! A better restaurant for guests and, with the volume they’ll do, better for “the house.” Congrats Edgewater!

Restaurant Review: Wild Style Burgers and Pizza – Laughlin NV (Lunch: 08-01-14)

By: Keith Bennett (staff reviewer)
Wild Style Burgers and Pizza Restaurant Review By: Keith Bennett

STAFF REVIEW: Today, Friday afternoon, one day shy of the 30-day opening-anniversary of Wild Style Burgers & Pizza inside The Edgewater Hotel/Casino in Laughlin NV we decided to see if the Edgewater management hit the home run I predicted back on July 2nd when the new restaurant opened.

It was HOT on the drive over from Southern California yesterday —118 degrees— before we descended lower into the valley where the Colorado River meanders south towards Needles. It cooled off to a manageable 117 degrees! What’s that famous comment of Laughlin / Bullhead City Retirees and Palm Springs residents?: “Thankfully, it’s dry heat, so it’s simply lovely…” Yeah, right… READ THE FULL REVIEW…

The Wild Style Burgers and Pizza MENU

Awesome menu. Suggests management wants to GET IT RIGHT!

Short & Simple. A winning MIX of two American FAVS: Burgers and Pizza! A HOME RUN!

  • Burgers “Foodies” will appreciate! – Freshly ground filet, hand packed! Single ($4), double ($5), or triplet ($6) presented on a Kaiser Roll. You can order Applewood smoked bacon ($1), American or Swiss cheese ($0.75/slice), sauteed Onions (think In-N-Out “grilled onions!”) and/or mushrooms ($0.50 per item). When you pick it up you can move over to a really cool “top it yourself” condiment bar with: lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles, pico de gallo and jalapeno slices. How Perfect is that?!
  • Sandwiches – Don’t want a burger? – They offer a chicken sandwich ($6) or a grilled cheese sandwich — perfect for kids yo — ($4)
  • Pizza by the slice ($3.50 – $4.50) (large slices in the pioneering footprints of Costco’s food court: 1/6 of an 18″ pie). Not a Costco food court patron? Visualize this in your mind: 1/2 a pizza cut into thirds. These are filling portions of pizza for a quick snack. Will they scream at you if you use the burger condiment bar to add some jalapeno slices to your pizza slice? I doubt it…
  • Whole Pizza to sit down and eat or to take up to your room ($17 – $23).
  • Breakfast served 7 AM – 11 AM Choose a breakfast sandwich (choice of bagel, croissant, Kaiser Roll, or English Muffin) with a real egg cracked on the griddle, and real bacon ($4). Other offerings: Hash Browns a-la-carte ($2). Really hungry? Order a COMBO which includes Breakfast Sandwich ($4), hash browns ($2) and a coffee ($1.50) for a combo price of $7 saving you half a buck.
  • SIDES – Fries ($2), “Wild Fries” (seasoned with truffle oil, fresh rosemary and Parmesan cheese) ($2.60), onion rings ($3).
  • Beverages include: Shakes ($3.25), soft drinks ($2), juice ($2.50), Coffee ($1.50), and DRUM ROLL…. two hand-crafted draft beers on tap from Colorado Belle‘s Pints Brewery & Sports Bar SWEET! ($4.50).

INSIDE BASEBALL – This not-too-busy menu suggests that Edgewater management, like the Costco food court architects, wants this new venue to focus on a few food items with the express purpose of delivering their select menu items consistently terrifically. Such focus and quality is greatly clamored for and will be welcomed and applauded as a great success in a Laughlin Strip Casino fast-food restaurant!

PRICING – Prices are in the $4-$6 range for pizza slice, sandwich, or burger. A WHOLE pizza from $17 – $23. Their 3-topping 18″ pizza is the most expensive at $23. The pricing is quite satisfactory for a fast food restaurant located inside of a casino and complements Capriotti’s that offers high-end, quality SUBS at an average price-point somewhat higher than Wild Style Burgers & Pizza. So this will be the go-to Edgewater restaurant to help you feed a brood of kids or those famished river rats coming in on their jet ski for a quick fill up.

HOURS – This new venue will also fill the vacuum (left by the shuttered McDonald’s) where guests and gamblers can go to get a snack after 10 PM. Capriotti’s closes up shop at 10 PM and Wild Style will be but 60 yards away open to midnight on weekdays and 2 AM on Fridays and Saturdays.

BETTER SEATING – You cannot help but notice they removed the few old booths in front of the counter and along the glass windows looking out at the Colorado River and expanded the number of tables and chairs available. TRIVIA: This is one of the RARE places in river side venues where anyone (kids even) can grab a window-side table with amazing river views and nothing required of you but to find an empty chair and enjoy the view.

Check out their MENU (HERE)

Note to Aquarius Guests and Gamblers – Wild Style Burgers and Pizza is but a short walk away. If, you are even considering the McDonald’s in the Aquarius RUN –don’t walk– your bum over to Cafe Aquarius for a booth experience or stroll the River Walk down to the Edgewater and enjoy Wild Style Burgers and Pizza! (You’re welcome, no need to thanks us).

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