Laughlin Jet Ski Rentals are all along the Colorado River on the ‘casino row’ side. They are on the other side too, but more about that in a minute…

Laughlin Jet Ski RentalsThe visitors staying in the 10,000 hotel rooms in Laughlin Nevada will walk down to the River Walk for a stroll along the river and there are Jet Ski kiosks at most of the hotel / casinos ready to do business. Visitors at Harrah’s Laughlin or AVI Resort see the same options down by their sandy beaches. Watercraft rentals on the River Walk or the beaches are sometimes “sold out” on busy during summertime and holiday weekends —or more expensive than other options across the Colorado in Bullhead City AZ. That said, the Laughlin side rental operators have been in business for long stretches and have pretty good reviews. But they can be 3 times more per day (BIG money) when compared to many of the Bullhead City Jet Ski and boat renters.

Optional Jet Ski Rentals on the Arizona side of the Colorado River

There are lots of other places to rent a Jet Ski or full-sized boat for tomorrow’s upcoming River adventure. Do you know that there are some really cool places along the Colorado (not in the shadows of the hotels) where the jet ski rentals are about 1/3 of the River Walk rates? Competing Jet Ski operators can give you all the options and even place your watercraft in the water at several locations including OTHER places than just in front of the hotels such as The Topock Gorge, The Rotary Park, Lazy Harry’s, or the very cool Pirate Cove? We have THE LIST of Laughlin and Bullhead City Watercraft Rental Operators.

AC Watercraft Rentals – Bullhead City, AZ

Jet Skis – AC Watercraft Rentals is located in Bullhead City, AZ, minutes away from Casino Row in Laughlin, NV! AC Watercraft Rentals offer a wide variety of watercraft at very low rates. Give us a call and reserve yours now! READ MORE

Address, Phone and Website

AC Watercraft Rentals
1000 Arizona 95
Bullhead City, AZ 86429
(928) 444-5971

Reviews of AC Watercraft Rentals – Bullhead City, AZ

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Best-Jetz Watercraft Rentals – Bullhead City, AZ

Why rent from Best-Jetz Watercraft Rentals ? Because we make your trip to Laughlin the BEST experience EVER! We take the time to instruct you on how to properly care for your craft to eliminate any possibility of incidental charges. We are located on the water and here to assist you if help might be needed. We have gas on-site to have you refueled in just minutes, No wasting away your day waiting for Gas! We do all the work, so you can have all the fun. We even provide FREE ENTRY into Davis Camp, giving you access to a mile of shoreline and many covered picnic areas on the water to choose from. Moreover, we give no less than 100% of ourselves to ensure everyone has the ultimate river experience. Best-Jetz is a highly trusted Mohave County Parks Concessionaire and has been an established Laughlin Watercraft Rental Company since 2004. READ MORE

Address, Phone and Website

Best-Jets Watercraft Rentals
2251 Arizona 68
Bullhead City, AZ 86429
(702) 298-0757

Reviews of Best-Jetz Watercraft Rentals – Bullhead City, AZ

Review – I have rented jet skis before and I have to admit that I had mixed feelings about the various add-on charges that have to be explained. That can be a turn off to someone renting for the first time, but lete admit that this is a risky sport and they have to protect you as well as cover their equipment for damages caused by your negligence. In return you probably get the best rate around the area… Other than the instructional video (good idea) and having to roll under the jetski and inspect the propeller for damage (probably an overkill), access to the site and river is perfect. What is ideal for their spot is the lack of traffic when you start the ride. That can be important for first timers as they get a feel of the jetski. The traffic is way downstream and by then you have a good feel of how to ride it. —George S.

Review – Renting a jet ski would be your best choice! Reasonable pricing and the dude that helped us was real cool.. Straight to the point and explains everything thoroughly! Definitely coming back here! —Maidie V.

Review – Nice staff. Helpful. Not the friendliest over the phone, but they tell you everything they’re going to (possibly) charge you on and they go over the jetskies carefully with you to tell you what you can get charged for and what you won’t get charged for. —Darren T.

Review – People were rude to us after we asked a question. Didn’t have a good experience here the only good thing was we got jetskiis an that’s about it. They seemed very stuck up an I think they should take a customer service class! I wouldn’t go here unless its the last resort. —Paige D.

Review – Really nice staff and helpful in any situation you might run into. I had called the day before to see if there were any rentals available but they had said they were booked up, however they had called me back a few hours later to let me know that they were able to provide one (don’t know how, but I’ll take it haha). When my girlfriend and I got there the next day they were very thorough in their instructions and showed us a very detailed video (a lot more detailed than other places I’ve rented from) about the do’s and dont’s. After about 15-20 min or so we were at the launch ramp loading up. In addition to the rental they give you life jackets, a dry bag, rope, and 2 anchor bags that you fill up with rocks if you decide to take a break. Overall we paid $249 for the whole day and about $65 in gas (3.95/gallon)… So the total was about $325 total including taxes. Honestly this was the cheapest compared to a few others that were charging the same amount for just 4 hours…. We will definitely rent from here again. —Brian J.

Dave’s Wet-N-Wild – Bullhead City, AZ

Jet Skis – Dave’s Wet-N-Wild Jet Ski Rentals & Service is located in Bullhead City, AZ, just over the bridge from Laughlin, NV! Dave’s Wet-N-Wild is an awesome team of friendly professionals that know their stuff and make a customer feel at ease. READ MORE

Address, Phone and Website

Dave’s Wet-N-Wild
1168 Hwy 95
Bullhead City, AZ 86429
(928) 754-3100

Reviews of Dave’s Wet-N-Wild – Bullhead City, AZ

Review – This Place is the Best! Even though I haven’t Rented, I pass their Building every day in Town. Great Quality, and the People Looked Nice and Helpful! Hopefully going to rent some Day! —Dawson

Review – Absolutely loved this place! Owner Dave and wife are wonderful, made us a great deal for two skis and was gracious enough to help two newbies figure the jet skis out! He even unloaded and loaded them for us. I would recommend this place to anyone! Thank you for an awesome birthday experience!!—Patricia K.

Review – Just rented 3 awesome skis from Dave and his wife again and wanted to thank them for not only great skies but also great service. My buddy did his research and drove up and down the strip looking for a better deal or better skies and at the end we find Dave to be the spot !! Seems that every year we go it is more of a pleasure dealing with Dave from choosing our skies and a no hassle return !! They really takes pride in his skies and it shows Thank you again Dave and we look forward to meeting up with you again. —Albert A.

Review – Great Customer Service! Affordable prices! Great sea doo’s. Will defiantly use them again!—Desiree R.

Review – I recommend DAVE’S Wet-N-Wild if you need to rent or get your personal watercraft repaired. Dave the owner is incredibly honest and knowledgeable. I brought my 2000 Yamaha PWC in because it was barely running. I thought for sure I needed to get the carb rebuilt. Dave took a look and immediately saw that I needed to replace my sparkplugs. He replaced my sparkplugs, took it on the river and only charged me for new sparkplugs! Dave’s is on the east side of hwy 95 (don’t mix it up with the oth place across the street called only Wet-N-Wild..bigger outfit) —Sharon L.

Review – I rented a jet ski for my nephews birthday. We had an amazing experience, the best service in the Laughlin area, my brother had rented from a different place and the service was horrible. Daves was very friendly and helpful. When we needed gas their were their in under 3 minutes! I will always rent from Dave’s! They towed the jet ski to the river for us. The prices where the best in town, the jet ski we had worked amazing and was fast! Once again super nice service and extremely friendly, they did not try to rip us off like other places, Thanks Dave for giving us an excellent experience on our family vacation, my nephew loved his 18th birthday! —Mac V.

Fastrip Jet Ski – Bullhead City, AZ

Fastrip Jet Ski Rentals in Bullhead City, AZ claims to be the largest Jet Ski Rental Company on the Colorado River at Laughlin NV and Bullhead City AZ. Jet ski Rental starting $75.00 only all day plus tax and fuel. Weekends slightly higher! Fastrip Jet Ski Rentals offers newer, top of the line, high quality outdoor recreational equipment. READ MORE

Address, Phone and Website

Fastrip Jet Ski
1131 Hwy 95
Bullhead City, AZ 86429
(928) 754-1017

Reviews of Fastrip Jet Ski – Bullhead City, AZ

Review – Well we were kinda skeptical about this place because of all the reviews. We decided to give it a try, I’m happy we did! We rented 2 wave runners for $200 all day. It was well worth it. The owner was a really nice guy! Not only did he work with us on the price, but he also paid for the taxes. Really good experience and we definitely will be back for future jet ski rentals, and not get ripped off like other rental places!! Thank you Najib Noori for the great experience!!! Ashley and Mike are now customers for life! —Ashley S.

Review – DO NOT RENT FROM HERE, DON’T EVEN BUY A DAMN SLURPEE** The owner’s name is Najib Noori, and he is a complete crook. Sure they may be one of the cheapest in town, but they will put all kinds of absurd charges on your rental with damages. Out of the 8 jet ski’s we rented, 4 of them were “damaged”, ultimately forced to pay over $1500 in fees not including the days use and fuel. Bare in mind it was not only our group, other customers were slapped with massive charges as well. —Alex L.

Review – DO NOT RENT JET SKIS FROM HERE. this whole place is a scam. the owner of the place will scam you to death with charges. he may advertise that it is cheap but he will get you in the end. don’t even take a chance of ruining your vacation. he told us that it will costs us $100 to rent a jet ski for the whole day but in the end, it costed us an extra $800 in extra charges. STAY AWAKE FROM THIS BUSINESS!! —Alden H.

Review – This place is a total FRAUD. Be warned… I recently went here to celebrate my friends birthday. We all rented a jet ski to enjoy the day. We started with him handing us a contract to which we were to sign prior to renting the jet ski. Upon looking at the fine print on the contract, you can already tell he was trying his best to trick us into signing the “acknowledgement of damages” form before we even went out with the jet ski. That form was supposed to be signed AFTER the rental because it had blank spaces to write down the price of the damages. Luckily we caught that and questioned the owner out on the scandalous practice. He then replied, “Oh I’m sorry, it was a mistake.” We didn’t believe him and were pretty cautious at this point. We still decided to rent with him because we were pressed with time. —Kenny L.

Review – The name of this business should’ve been “FastRipOff”! DO NOT RENT FROM THIS PLACE! EVER!! or you’ll regret it!! it might be the cheapest in town but its also the shadiest! the owner Najib mite come off as a nice guy at first, but its a trap! Don’t get tricked by this crook or you will get jibbed! He will cheat and accuse you for every little damages on the rentals.
—Amiee C.

Review – Despite all the bad reviews me and my girlfriend ended up renting a jet ski, and ended up having a great time. I felt bad for my mom at first, as soon as the guy obtained our safety deposit he began recording the exterior of the boat with a camcorder as if he was preparing for litigation before the fact which seemed highly suspicious. He pointed out the flawless condition of his blade to us, we are amateurs and have no idea what quality condition of a jet ski is. However, in the end we had a great time and the business seemed rather honest. The owner needs to address all these mishaps if he wants my return business though, I feel as if I got lucky or the guy was to ashamed to rob a 50 year old woman of her rent money. —Anthony R.

Review – DO. NOT. RENT. FROM. THIS. PLACE. STAY AWAY! Save yourself some money and go somewhere else. $75 dollars all day? More like $7500 a day. The owner Najib will accuse you for every little damages on the rentals. STAY AWAY. —Henry X.

Review – Its the first time me and my family visiting Bullhead, I rented 2ski yesterday with no problems. I recorded with my iPhone ( everyone has smart phone nowadays be smart!!!) like they did. I didn’t damage the skis I didn’t get charged. All my family had lots of fun…Oh by the way another rental company’s picture explains all the bad comments lol —Gery H.

Laughlin Watercraft Rentals – Bullhead City, AZ

Laughlin Watercraft Rentals (AKA: Laughlin Jet Ski Rentals) in Bullhead City, AZ has a variety of watercraft rentals available, from sit down personal watercraft to small boats. Grab one of their Laughlin jet ski rentals or boat rentals and start exploring and enjoying the water today! Laughlin Watercraft Rentals offers U-tow jet ski, waverunner, and seadoo rentals as well as launch service at two different locations along the Colorado River (all rentals for Lake Mohave are U-tow only). All of Laughlin Watercraft Rentals jet ski rentals, waverunner rentals and sea doo rentals have a three-person capacity. READ MORE

Address, Phone and Website

Laughlin Watercraft Rentals
2850 Hwy 68
Bullhead City, AZ 86429
(928) 754-2850

Reviews of Laughlin Watercraft Rentals – Bullhead City, AZ

Review – Very honest business. They were more concerned about my family enjoying the day than renting me a boat with miserable weather conditions. —Craig Y.

Review – Rented a jet ski here and everything was fine. Until I noticed some unauthorized charges to my credit card.I felt this coming when they were adamant that I return the craft like new. They initially quoted us $200 for 1 weekend day but ended up paying over $330 for 1 craft. Will not return there.—Eileen Y.

Review – We rented a Sea Doo boat from them. We paid deposit and were a little nervous because the boat does have some bumps and bruises. They were really good about letting us document all of the scratches and dents on the boat, in fact, they encouraged us. So we did. We took care of the boat while out on the lake and brought it back in the same condition as we took it out. They gave us our full deposit back. They were easy to work with. The price we were quoted is what we paid. We would rent from them again. Also-they let you pick up boat early and drop off at 6pm, so you feel like your getting your moneys worth.. —CD M.

Review – this place sucked i did everything they said and followed the rules didn’t matter they charged my card way more than what i was quoted. the service sucked and they provided fraudulent documentation which i am pursuing with the city of arizona. people cannot just do what they want or charge what they want. they even charged me 181.00 for gas say what they gave it to us on empty and he told us to return it where it was at. further more a seadoo only costs about 50 bucks to fill up “if” i was responsible for the gas!!! thief’s —BamBam P.

Watercraft Adventures – Laughlin, NV

Watercraft Adventures is the largest watercraft operator in the Laughlin, Nevada area with SEVEN locations to serve all your boat and watercraft needs while in Laughlin. They rent only the latest current model year watercraft from Yamaha and feature the all-new four-stroke VX110 Sport Model. READ MORE

Address, Phone and Website

Watercraft Adventures
1650 Casino Dr
Laughlin, NV 89029

Reviews of Watercraft Adventures – Bullhead City, AZ

Review – We rented a Sea Doo for a Saturday during the Summer. We made the reservation first thing in the morning (9:00AM) and were glad that we got there early because the place was sold out of Sea Doo rentals soon after. The rentals are a little pricier than other places but you pay for the convenience of not having to launch and the convenience of having them right on the beach of your casino. Just keep in mind that there are two types of Sea Doos available for rent. A fast and a faster one, obviously the faster one was more expensive. Also keep in mind that the price that is reflected on their website and on site is not the price of the actual rental during their “peak season.” They advertise $259 for four hours on a “regular” Sea Doo where in actuality they charge $289 for the four hours plus fuel charges at $4.00 a gallon. The Sea Doos appeared to be well maintained and we did not have any issues with them. The only negative side is that they will only give you two life vests at a time. So if you change up the passengers from two adults to one adult and a child, you have to exchange the adult vest for the child vest which can be a pain because the office can be at a distance in 110 degree heat from the Sea Doo beach area. Other than that, the guys are very helpful and they work their butts off in the extreme elements of heat and looking at women in bikinis all day who are on vacation. —PAQMAN P.

Review – These guys are the biggest watercraft place in town and have all the best beach/hotel locations. Harrah’s, Riverside, Avi, Edgewater and Colorado Belle. Prices are a little higher than across the river but the service is best and you pick it up right at the hotel beach. They have the most watercraft so you don’t have to wait, even on the weekends. They’ve been operating in Laughlin for over 17 years, so you know you won’t get ripped off by some of the fly by nights in Bullhead. —Stan J.

Review – Get there early, Great guys, straight to the point, friendly service. will be coming back. —Richard K.

Review – I used the services at the Harris Hotel and if I can give them 10 stars I would. I walked into the office to ask the price and I walked out ready to hop on the Sea Doo for hours. The person that helped us on the shore was Jeff… I believe. He was the best!!! Every time we wanted to switch riders he was there ready to help us get off and on. He was the greatest. I tried to give Jeff a tip at the end of our rental because he was great and he said it was not necessary because he was” just doing his job…” WOW!!!!! I highly recommend these guys. —Marisol M.

Watercraft Express – Laughlin, NV

Watercraft express is the premier jet ski rental service in Laughlin. There are many places to rent a jet ski in Laughlin, however, not all them will provide you with the experience that you are looking for. We are a small, family-run business and we treat our customers exactly the same – like family. Our jet skis are fast, in good condition and very affordable. We don’t make money on you via gas surcharges or erroneous reports on damage. We want you to enjoy your experience on the river so much that we see back again, year after year.

Don’t waste your time (and money!) by renting hourly on the river. Our $120 ALL DAY jet ski rental will give you plenty of hours on the water and the luxury of touring up and down the river at your own pace. Half day rentals are also available as are hourly and bi-hourly rates. READ MORE

Address, Phone and Website

Watercraft Express
1184 Hwy 95
Bullhead City, AZ 86429
(928) 234-2764

Reviews of Watercraft Express – Bullhead City, AZ

Review – We went to Laughlin for a day to have some fun. We have called around couple of jet ski places but decided to go with this one because the owner Howard was straight forward. We got there at 9. Paid our share and we were on water by 9:30. The skis that they own run great and are very well maintained . We ended up putting a 4 inch small crack on one of the skis and Howard only charged us $80 bucks instead of $160. All good. It is his equipment and he makes his living that way. When we ran out of gas he came down and refueled for us no questions asked. Great place to rent from. They are a small shop but they have some very fast skis. —H.H

Review – I highly recommend this place for sea doo rentals! Their rates are reasonable & they don’t try to over charge you! We rented 2 sea doos from 10am to 6pm! By 2pm we were in need of gas & we called the owner to let him know. He came in less than 5mins & gave us the option to go with him to the gas station to pay for the gas instead of him charging us the $4-$5 per gallon rate like every other rental place! I will definitely be renting from here again! —Gabriel

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